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FLAME-SIM Five Unit Rugged Mobile Center

5x FDFLAMEHV-T-WDC1-8770W - 5x Xbox 360 Controllers - 1x Rugged Multi-laptop case - 5x Ethernet Patch cables with boot protection - 1x Ethernet Hub with 6 port connection - 5x Flame-Sim Software Licenses

Part number: FDFLAMEHV-5PACK

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5x FDFLAMEHV-T-WDC1-8770W - 5x Xbox 360 Controllers - 1x Rugged Multi-laptop case - 5x Ethernet Patch cables with boot protection - 1x Ethernet Hub with 6 port connection - 5x Flame-Sim Software Licenses

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The Flame-Sim Mobile Center Includes:
HP Rugged Notebook: Can withstand extreme temperature variations as well as other harsh environmental factors, such as moisture and dust. (see note)†
HP 8770W Mobile Workstation: 8770 Core i5 3360M / 2.8 GHz - Windows 7 Professional 64-bit / Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Option - 8 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD - DVD SuperMulti - 17.3" HD+ WVA anti-glare wide 1600 x 900 / HD+ - AMD FirePro M4000 - Bluetooth 4.0 EDR – gunmetal.Microsoft Office 2010 Preloaded - Flame-Sim™ Software - HP 24/7 On-Site Warranty
Flame-Sim Mobile Shipping Case
This multi-laptop case is unbreakable, watertight to a depth of 30 feet, airtight, dustproof, corrosion proof with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. Great for transporting many laptops from place to place in any weather condition. This case is ATA (Airline Transportation Association) approved for shipping. It is highly resistant to chemical attack, and is built to perform in the most severe conditions. Used by the US Military, Police and Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, and US Navy Seal Teams Worldwide. Constructed from ultra high impact structural copolymer polypropylene.
Flame-Sim Computer Accessories
The Flame-Sim mobile center comes with all of the accessories in order for you to plug-in and go.
Xbox 360 usb controllers, ethernet patch cables with boot protection, dongles, and an ethernet hub.
Flame-Sim Software
FLAME-SIM software was developed using National Incident Management System (NIMS) terminology. It also features direct input from respected training officers and extensive research into NFPA and NIST to provide accurate simulations with realistic scenario evolutions, hazards and quantifiable results
Shipping and Insurance
The price of the FLAME-SIM mobile center includes shipping, handling and shipping insurance.

† HP Rugged Specs:
HP 3D DriveGuard Improves upon the frame-mounted hard drive solution by adding a three-axis digital accelerometer. The accelerometer acts as a motion sensor that notifies the system software of any sudden movement and sends a command to temporarily stop the hard drive. Helps reduce the risk of data corruption or loss and helps protect your notebook from system failures caused by operational shock.
Magnesium alloy frame and display enclosure A durable and lightweight magnesium reinforced frame and a magnesium alloy display enclosure create a strong case for rigorous mobile user environments. Increased durability of the notebook means less downtime and increased focus on your business.
HP DuraCase New durable design for increased reliability. Enhanced reliability, less downtime, and fewer repairs.
HP DuraFinish A scratch-resistant surface that helps maintain the overall finish and appearance of the notebook while protecting the keyboard deck from normal wear and tear and keeping graphics and icons intact. Helps keep your notebook looking newer longer by protecting the finish from normal wear and tear.
Metal alloy hinges Strong metal alloy hinges with hardened steel pin axles are designed to withstand extensive use. Adds durability to withstand normal notebook usage of opening and closing the display.
HP Panel Protection System System of small, soft rubber pads that surround the panel, preventing accidental contact with the keyboard or keyboard deck when the display is closed. Protects the display panel from scuffs and scratches that may occur from being packed too tightly in a carrying case.
HP Spill-resistant Keyboard The spill-resistant keyboard uses a thin layer of Mylar film under the keyboard to minimize the risk of damage to sensitive, critical components underneath the keyboard. Protects the system board and key components from minor spills that may otherwise cause system failure.
HP Total Test HP Business Notebook PCs undergo over 95,000 hours of testing and 30,000 integration test steps. For example, mechanical tests simulate opening and closing the notebook 10 times every day for 6 years (25,000 cycles), and 7 years of keyboard usage (10 million keystrokes). Reduces potential issues for increased reliability.
HP Recovery Manager The HP Recovery Manager is a simple solution for data backup and recovery. It provides users with the ability to easily back up specific drives/files or create a factory/custom recovery image. Quickly recover the system and data in the event of a hard drive failure or theft.
HP Upgrade Bay with dual HDD Dual HDD support for RAID (0) striping for performance, and RAID (1) mirroring for data protection. Increased system storage and performance, as well as backup and recovery.
ISV Certifications Vigorously tested, optimized, and certified by industry application vendors to perform optimally. Workstation-caliber graphics reliably run the most demanding professional applications while still keeping you mobile.
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