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The value of our program is grounded in the development and continuous refinement of treatment protocols by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB was created in response to two major events in the development of cancer treatments and research.
Scientific Advisory Board...

The SAB initially consisted of 18 world renowned Radiation Oncologists who first met in Detroit in February 1994. At that time a consensus was reached on how the guidelines for evidence-based recommendations would be developed. Each SAB member volunteered to help in the development in areas of his/her expertise. With help from ISH clinical staff initial guidelines were produced for the top 20 diagnosed male and female cancers by July 1994. These guidelines were then distributed to the entire SAB for review and comment.

A second Detroit meeting was held in February 1995 at which time final agreement and consensus was completed. Since that time the SAB has expanded and a review of guidelines is done on a continuous timeline.

Today, ISH has consensus guidelines for over 96% of all diagnosed male and female adult cancers. The SAB has also been expanded to include a world-renowned panel of Medical Oncologists (chemotherapists), Surgical Oncologists, Radiologists and support personnel such as radiation oncology therapists and nurses.

The ongoing mission of the SAB is not only to keep the guidelines up to date, including any new information on cancer treatment improvements, but also to help analyze data already collected by the system. In this way they can validate the guideline recommendations.

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The SAB is comprised of individuals with both national & international reputations, who bring to the effort respectability, credibility and a broad based scientific background to develop the criteria for quality care.

As part of the SAB's historical mission, the SAB is currently working to bring medical oncology and surgical oncology into the ISH Program and to develop programs, which will be more properly, and effectively, centered on integrated and multi-modal management for cancer.
Today, the Scientific Advisory Board has been expanded to over 50 world-renowned radiation, medical and surgical oncologists from leading institutions, including MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, UCLA, Beth Israel, Hahnemann, Medical College of Virginia, and Mallinckrodt Institute. The board members meet to provide unbiased peer support and consultation on certain non-standard cases and to update the treatment protocols based on current literature, clinical experience and outcomes review. Each member of the SAB has signed a three year agreement with us that identifies their responsibilities as a member of the SAB, attendance at meetings, participation in similar companies and reimbursement of expenses.
Radiation Oncology SAB

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